About Pascale Vernetti

Pascale Vernetti - Professional Bicultural Career Coach - HR Consultant - Trainer

Pascale Vernetti

Professional Bicultural Career Coach – HR Consultant – Trainer

I am Pascale Vernetti, an independent bicultural English and French coach, with over ten years experience in recruitment field, especially assessment centers. I decided to become a coach when I realized that I had the analytical ability to extract the exact core competence motivating a person after the first meeting.
Favorite quote:  If you think you can, you can.

Pascale Vernetti recruited through the whole spectrum of positions and is familiar with group assessments.

About Pascale Vernetti

As a foreigner in the UK, Pascale developed a unique perception analyzing body language in order to bring a competitive edge to her recruitment skills.  She was therefore selected out of 100 assessors to become part of the British Airways pilot’s recruitment team and worked alongside 777 training captains. Pascale passed Level A British Psychology Society and is now an accredited to administrator. She interprets Psychometrics tests. Pascale is particularly interested in the concept of emotional intelligence. She followed a training seminar (SPF 15+) with a UK certified chartered psychologist.

A hands on approach coupled with a fun loving way of working in a multicultural environment enables Pascale to create a trusting environment in which people find it easy to communicate and collaborate.

Pascale inspires enthusiasm through her positive analytic approach. She will devise a plan of action based upon the strengths of the customer’s personal and professional experience as well as the thorough coaching training she acquired with university of Paris 8. Through her distinctive /inventive coaxing skills Pascale will devise together with the client a plan of achievable actions tailored to the client’s objectives.

A writer in her spare time, Pascale contributes articles to several sites: www.welcome-to-you.com or www.intercultural.nl . Her chronicle entitled ‘trials and tribulations of…’ compares the British to the French approach to life in general. She recently achieved an essay  on the profession of coaching.

Dedicated to long-distance running- triathlon in particular –  is another hobby and taking part to races on Sundays is another spare time hobby of Pascale. She recently joined the infamous EXpatrié, an Anglosaxon triathlon group and completed the Paris triathlon in July 2010. She was interviewed in le Parisien – a daily French paper – on Monday the 6th of October 2008 exploring the return to France and her career adaptation.

Pascale  followed a coaching program with the International group Impact Group and is an active member of the Association Européenne de Coaching.

Vernetti Creative

Vernetti Creative

Pascale Vernetti

Human Resource Consultant / Training / Coaching

Coach diplômée de l’université de Paris 8

Membre de l’AEC – Association Européenne de Coaching

Phone: +(33) (0)6 32 05 20 04

Email : pascale@pvcreative.fr

Website: www.pvcreative.fr


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